Solotica Range Comparison


What are Solotica contact lenses?

Solotica contact lenses with their collections Hidrocor, Natural Colours, Hidrocharme, Solflex as well as Hidrocor Monthly’s are very popular worldwide & they are known best for their coloured contact lenses which are also most comfortable.


What is the difference between the different collections Hidrocor, Hidrocharme & Natural Colours?

There are 4 ranges to choose from. Natural Colours, Hidrocor, Hidrocharme and Solflex Natural Colours. The main difference between the collections is the limbal ring.





HIDROCOR: Comes without a limbal ring and with very minimal pattern with high opacity offering a brighter yet natural look




HIDROCHARME: Hidrocharme provides a combination of the other 2 ranges. It comes with a more prominent limbal ring, yet the colour is pattern free and offers high opacity




NATURAL COLOURS: The Natural Colours range come with a discrete limbal ring and pigments in the colour to offer a natural blended look with medium opacity




SOLFLEX NATURAL COLOURS: Solflex Natural Colours are like the Natural Colours range, except that they need to be disposed monthly and are slightly darker in opacity with a more vivid limbal ring.